June 24, 2014

finding your motivation

We’ve all heard them (or seen them), the trite phrases that adorn motivational posters, overflow from Facebook posts, and even stretch in to endless hashtags- things like “sweat is fat crying” and “you are what you eat”.

While some roll their eyes at these, they fail to see the reasoning behind them. The fact of the matter is that getting in shape and EVEN maintaining a healthy body is work! Fitness Motivation It takes precious time. Your body gets sore. Results never come overnight and sometimes not for days. Phrases like “sweat is fat crying” give people comfort in the fact that their waterfalls of sweat mean good things are happening even if they can’t be seen yet. While a lot of these phrases are just that, phrases, they do serve a purpose. Everyone needs a pick-me-up when they are tired and sore and when life seems bent on keeping them away from the gym. Choosing the healthy road is not always easy. There are obstacles like the people you live with not being supportive, the carefree eating habits of friends tempting you to slip in more cheat meals than you should, and even pressure from others in your life to “eat normal”…


For some, this thought is enough to steer them away from the stale donuts and old birthday cake sitting in the break room. Others may need a different reminder. My point is, whatever it takes for you to stay focused on your goal (even if it means doing a bit of dancing between setsĀ at the gym), DO IT! Let the naysayers fall to the way side. As overused as it is, haters gonna hate! Let them have their negativity and always remember that nothing worth having ever comes easy.



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