Our Mission

Our mission at R+D Body is to develop and bring to market the most effective and safest supplements possible. 

Create Supplements That Work

We carefully research and craft our formulas using efficacious doses for supplements that get results. It's the research and development (R+D) part of our mission to create products that work and continually improve.

Have Ingredient Transparency

All R+D Body products have a 100% transparent label that fully discloses the dosage of each active ingredient. No proprietary blends or pixie dusting. You will always know what you're getting in each serving of our products, and each ingredient is dosed to make our products the best and highest quality.

Create Products We Believe In

We use and believe in every product we make. We don't take any shortcuts and if we didn't think it was the best product for its purpose we wouldn't make it. And if we can make it better we will. 

Build Community

We know it's your choice to grind it out, but there are also strength in numbers. We want to promote a community to encourage, push, and from which we can all learn. Those who are really successful get there with some help from those around them. Truly no man is an island.  

Our mission is to help you...